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Vancouver Canucks, Canadian expert ice hockey group situated in Vancouver that plays in the Western Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL). The Canucks have showed up in the Stanley Cup finals multiple times (1982, 1994, and 2011), losing on each event. Their name originates from an epithet for Canadians that is most likely of nineteenth century American starting point and that at first may have been disparaging in any case was grasped proudly by Canadians. 


In the same way as other extension groups (the Canucks joined the NHL in 1970), Vancouver battled at first, and the group completed at or close to the base of its division in its initial four seasons in the association. In the 1974–75 season the Canucks bounced back from one moment to-last complete the past season to catch their first division title. The Canucks were disposed of by the Montreal Canadiens in their opening-round play-off arrangement. Vancouver then entered a period that included four postseason compartments—and four starter round disposals—in the six seasons between 1975–76 and 1980–81. In 1981–82 the Canucks completed the customary season with a losing record, however in the Western Conference play-offs they confronted—and vanquished—three other losing groups to progress to the Stanley Cup finals. There they confronted the double cross guarding Cup champion New York Islanders, who, in spite of the champion play of Vancouver's Stan Smyl and Thomas Gradin, expeditiously cleared the Canucks in four recreations. 


Vancouver neglected to expand on this amazing run, and the group showed up (all first-round misfortunes) through the rest of the 1980s. The Canucks won two sequential division titles in the 1991–92 and 1992–93 seasons, and in 1993–94 the group went on another surprising postseason arrangement series of wins. Driven by star advances Trevor Linden and Pavel Bure, Vancouver upset three higher-seeded Western Conference groups in the 1993–94 postseason on the way to a gathering title. In the 1994 Stanley Cup finals, the Canucks constrained the vigorously supported New York Rangers to a seventh game at the end of the day tumbled to the Rangers by a score of 3–2 in the choosing game. Vancouver earned play-off compartments in the accompanying two seasons yet neglected to progress farther than the meeting elimination rounds, and the group then went into a postseason dry spell that went on until the decade's end. 


The Canucks were substantially more effective in the principal decade of the new thousand years, as the group won four division titles and showed up between 2000–01 and 2009–10. In any case, in spite of the eminent commitments (over different seasons) of left wing Markus Naslund, goaltender Roberto Luongo, and indistinguishable twin advances Daniel and Henrik Sedin, the Canucks neglected to progress past the second round of the play-offs over that range. In 2010–11 Vancouver caught the Presidents' Trophy for posting the NHL's best normal season record that season, which the group pursued by progressing to the Stanley Cup finals without precedent for a long time, in which they lost to the Boston Bruins in seven recreations. The group won a moment Presidents' Trophy in 2011–12 yet again tasted postseason dissatisfaction as it was vexed in the first round of the play-offs by the Los Angeles Kings. The Canucks were again disturbed in their opening postseason matchup in 2012–13. The group's rehashed postseason disillusionments prompted an off-season training change, however the move rather added to the 2013–14 Canucks' feeling the loss of the play-offs completely without precedent for five seasons. Vancouver came back to the postseason the accompanying season however was vexed in its opening play-off round. The group thereafter started an all-inclusive dash of seasons outside of postseason dispute.