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Russell Westbrook III is a productive American basketball player who plays for the NBA group 'Oklahoma City Thunder'. Hailing from a games family, he began showing his aptitudes while he was only a child. From winning greatest distinctions while playing in college, to getting to be a standout amongst the most admired NBA stars of present occasions, Russell has come far. He started his NBA career in 2008 when he was drafted via 'Seattle SuperSonics', which was later renamed to 'Oklahoma City Thunder' a couple of days after the fact, and the very fruitful affiliation proceeds right up 'til the present time. Prepared strenuously by his father, Russell Westbrook Sr., Russell Jr. committed most piece of his childhood to the game and in the rec centers getting down to business for what's to come. Russell's ability made him an essential piece of the American basketball crew and he spoke to the United States in 2010 FIBA big showdown and the 2012 Olympics. In both these competitions, the group won gold. In 2017, Westbrook turned into the second player in basketball history for verifying the most number of triple pairs in a specific NBA season. As his hazardous structure keeps on hitting the adversaries out of the competitions, Russell has likewise propelled an eye-gear brand, and proceeds with his association with the design world. 


Childhood and Early Life 


Russell Westbrook was conceived on twelfth November 1988 in California to Shannon Horton and Russell Westbrook. Not long after his introduction to the world, the Westbrook family moved to Los Angeles. He has a more youthful brother, Reynard, and both the brothers were prepared in the game by their father, who used to set up drills so as to cause the two his children to learn subtleties of the game. 


Their mother ensured that the games didn't occupy the young men from the scholastics and therefore, Russell did well in the scholastics. He learned at Leuzinger High School and pulled in quick consideration with his 5'8 edge and an 'exceptional' style sense. 


He makes reference to that the greatest defining moment of his life was demise of his companion and colleague, Khelcey Barrs III. They both shared a decent compatibility and Russell acknowledged his demise. Subsequently, he began preparing more diligently and before long turned into the secondary school top choice, which in the long run cleared his way into the college level basketball. 


Wearing a number 0 shirt all through his UCLA career, his dangerous game helped his group achieve the last four in both the seasons that he played in. In 2008, the enormous break came when he was picked as number 4 in the NBA draft and an extremely long and rewarding career got a head-begin. 




Drafted by Oklahoma, Russell Westbrook demonstrated the principal look at his ability in 2009, when he scored his absolute first triple twofold and in the end wound up in that season's NBA All Rookie First Team, and was put at number four in the line-up. In Oklahoma's second season, his group, got disposed of in the first round itself by Los Angeles Lakers, yet Russell cemented his place in the group with a last personal score normal of 16.1 focuses. 


In 2011 Western Conference Tournament, he assumed a major job in helping his group achieve the finals. Around the same time, the mentors included him in the group for 2012 NBA All Star Game, and attributable to his extravagant presentation, his group achieved the finals out of the blue since the establishment was reintroduced. Westbrook finished the 2012-2013 season with 23.2 focuses, 7.4 helps, 5.2 bounce back and 1.8 takes overall per game, which was superb. 


Because of knee damage, he missed the initial two rounds of the 2013-14 season and in his rebound coordinate against New York Knicks, he drove his group to a hazardous success, where he scored 14. Russell went for arthroscopic medical procedure not long after the game, and made a rebound in February 2014. The medical procedure broke his dash of never missing a game for the 394 back to back normal season matches. 


In a match against New Orleans Pelicans in 2015, Westbrook broke his past career high record of 45, and scored 48 and around the same time, he came back to All Star Tournament 2015 after a long break because of medical procedures. He scored 41 and was later named as the All Star MVP. Thereafter, he went on a fantasy keep running in which he scored six triple pairs in only eight recreations. Despite the fact that his group was dispensed with from the playoffs, Westbrook played unimaginably well and scored 28 according to game normal. 


In the 2015-16 season, he scored 18 triple pairs, a record which was recently held by Magic Johnson in 198-82 season, and furthermore accomplished 18 triple duplicates. In the 2016-17 season, Westbrook figured out how to accomplish his third career 50 point triple pairs, and turned into the principal player in NBA history to accomplish the accomplishment. 


National Team 


Russell Westbrook was a piece of the American basketball crew for the 2010 FIBA title held in Turkey. He was at that point a star yet wound up the third on the focuses and helps per game; an accomplishment which was path beneath his desires and capacities. The USA won the competition, and it was the primary trophy triumph since 1994. 


Because of personal reasons, Westbrook turned-down the idea to speak to his group for the 2016 Olympics. 


Style Endeavors 


Alongside his warmed persona on the court and off the field, Russell Westbrook conveys with him a perfect preference for style. His eye-gear line by the name 'Westbrook Frames Eyewear' was propelled in the year 2014 and has made a moderate progress. 


His joint effort with Barney's Store, an extravagance retail establishment in New York City has likewise been very productive. His brilliant persona likewise helped him accomplish a religion status among his fans. 


Personal Life 


In 2015, Westbrook tied the conjugal bunch with his long time college sweetheart, Nina Earl. In 2017, the couple respected a child kid in the family, and named him Noah Westbrook. 


Westbrook's adoration and affections for his late secondary school amigo, Khelcey Barrs, has driven him to wear KB3 band on his wrist and on his tennis shoes. 


Because of his distinct fascination for Fashion, Westbrook has gone to the New York and Paris design weeks.